Wednesday, 30 January 2013

1.7 - New Beginning

  When Shiloh awoke the next morning, she realized right away she was no in her room. She climbed slowly out of the rather comfy bed, and walked out the door.
  Sitting on the couch was Xias. He looked like he attempted to dress as a sim, yet failed.... unless that was the look he was going for. Quietly, Shiloh walked over, and sat next to him.
  "Calypso is safe, and my people have dealt with the man they claim as her father. He was insane, it is better that he is gone. I hope that Calypso understands."
  "She will. Now, where are we?"
  "Sunset Valley. About fifty years in the future. No one here knows you. You can start over."
  Shiloh felt a stab of pain in her heart. Her parents were long gone, her brother wouldn't be far behind. No one else in her family would recognize her.

  "It is for the best Shiloh. Those two girls need somewhere safe to grow up."
  "I know, but..."
  Xias looked at Shiloh, a sad look in his eyes. "I will find you again, one day. I promise." Right before her eyes, Xias faded away. Tears filled her eyes, threatening to fall.
  The sound of footsteps strengthened her resolve to not cry.
  Skinny green arms wrapped around Shiloh, and held on tightly. "It's okay to cry, mommy, Callie and I won't think less of you if you do. You'll see daddy again one day. Hold on to that to help pass time."
  Shiloh turned, and pulled her daughter onto her lap. "I only need my two little girls to help time go by. And time goes by far too fast. Isn't it almost time to be planning a couple of birthday parties?"

  Shiloh had a book in hand, and a bench in sight. It had been a long time since she could sit in the sun, and just read. The warm weather was so different from the normally cold weather on Lunar Lakes. Callie was in the garage, playing with the kid safe chemisty set she found there. Lakelyn though, was playing in the tree house outside.
  Looking at the house she now owned, Shiloh wondered how Xias knew what to choose? The house was perfect, in Shiloh's opinion. Perfect for their small family, just missing one of their number.
  Lakelyn and Calypso would be starting school the next day, and Shiloh would begin her job at the science centre. It was a long drive to both places, but Shiloh loved the isolation. No one would drive all the way out there to bug them, it was peaceful, and quiet.

  It was when Callie came home one day, and informed her mom that she made a friend at school, that Shiloh wanted to break down and cry. She had so many things to be grateful for, and all thanks to Xias.

  With only a few days until the girls' birthdays, Shiloh forgot about her own, though told no one anyway.

Though she did get a midlife crisis, and fulfilled one of those wishes... She counted it as a birthday present.

  On a nice weekend, Shiloh got both girls out of bed early on a Saturday. A party had been arranged at the beach, so they could play with their friends, and get the feel for how a party would be if they chose one for their birthday,

  Sam Sekemoto was Lakelyn's best friend. He aged up the next day. Lake was scared he's forget about her.

   After the beach party, both girls changed their opinion, and informed Shiloh that they wanted a party... At the beach. They wanted their friends to be there too. It would be much more fun.
  Callie blew the candles out for them, due to Lake's insistence.

  Due to the launcher deciding that it doesn't like any of Sims content, Lunar Lakes wouldn't show up, so the Carters have been moved to Sunset Valley.


  1. Aww, sorry to hear you had issues with Lunar Lakes! I love the plot twist to explain them moving though! Very well thought out.

    I'm glad Calypso is ok, and I really hope Xias can be there soon, but I assume it's because you've rolled single, so we'll have to wait until the girls are halfway through their teens?

    I hope Lakelyn won't be bullied for her skintone! I don't know how... multi-cultural... SV is 50 years from now ;)

    1. It was a quickly thought out idea, I got Lunar Lakes to work long enough to get my family before it froze, so I couldn't continue with my original plan.

      I'm not sure how I want that to work yet. I wanna give Shiloh a happy ending, but I don't wanna give in and do that at the same time.

      I have three other families there that have colourful skin, so I'm gonna go with no one minds.

  2. That does suck about your game glitches. But you did come up witha great plot twist to cver from it.
    I'm glad Callie came back safe and sound!

    1. Lunar Lakes is showing up again, however, I don't want to go through it again, so this was easier.