Wednesday, 30 January 2013

1.7 - New Beginning

  When Shiloh awoke the next morning, she realized right away she was no in her room. She climbed slowly out of the rather comfy bed, and walked out the door.
  Sitting on the couch was Xias. He looked like he attempted to dress as a sim, yet failed.... unless that was the look he was going for. Quietly, Shiloh walked over, and sat next to him.
  "Calypso is safe, and my people have dealt with the man they claim as her father. He was insane, it is better that he is gone. I hope that Calypso understands."
  "She will. Now, where are we?"
  "Sunset Valley. About fifty years in the future. No one here knows you. You can start over."
  Shiloh felt a stab of pain in her heart. Her parents were long gone, her brother wouldn't be far behind. No one else in her family would recognize her.

  "It is for the best Shiloh. Those two girls need somewhere safe to grow up."
  "I know, but..."
  Xias looked at Shiloh, a sad look in his eyes. "I will find you again, one day. I promise." Right before her eyes, Xias faded away. Tears filled her eyes, threatening to fall.
  The sound of footsteps strengthened her resolve to not cry.
  Skinny green arms wrapped around Shiloh, and held on tightly. "It's okay to cry, mommy, Callie and I won't think less of you if you do. You'll see daddy again one day. Hold on to that to help pass time."
  Shiloh turned, and pulled her daughter onto her lap. "I only need my two little girls to help time go by. And time goes by far too fast. Isn't it almost time to be planning a couple of birthday parties?"

  Shiloh had a book in hand, and a bench in sight. It had been a long time since she could sit in the sun, and just read. The warm weather was so different from the normally cold weather on Lunar Lakes. Callie was in the garage, playing with the kid safe chemisty set she found there. Lakelyn though, was playing in the tree house outside.
  Looking at the house she now owned, Shiloh wondered how Xias knew what to choose? The house was perfect, in Shiloh's opinion. Perfect for their small family, just missing one of their number.
  Lakelyn and Calypso would be starting school the next day, and Shiloh would begin her job at the science centre. It was a long drive to both places, but Shiloh loved the isolation. No one would drive all the way out there to bug them, it was peaceful, and quiet.

  It was when Callie came home one day, and informed her mom that she made a friend at school, that Shiloh wanted to break down and cry. She had so many things to be grateful for, and all thanks to Xias.

  With only a few days until the girls' birthdays, Shiloh forgot about her own, though told no one anyway.

Though she did get a midlife crisis, and fulfilled one of those wishes... She counted it as a birthday present.

  On a nice weekend, Shiloh got both girls out of bed early on a Saturday. A party had been arranged at the beach, so they could play with their friends, and get the feel for how a party would be if they chose one for their birthday,

  Sam Sekemoto was Lakelyn's best friend. He aged up the next day. Lake was scared he's forget about her.

   After the beach party, both girls changed their opinion, and informed Shiloh that they wanted a party... At the beach. They wanted their friends to be there too. It would be much more fun.
  Callie blew the candles out for them, due to Lake's insistence.

  Due to the launcher deciding that it doesn't like any of Sims content, Lunar Lakes wouldn't show up, so the Carters have been moved to Sunset Valley.

Friday, 25 January 2013

1.6 - Meet Your Dad

  It was a Wednesday, just after school. There was no ballet class to attend, so Callie and Lake go to the park to play. Lake is on the climber. Callie, the swings. It's suppose to be just quiet play time, except without the quiet.
  It was starting to get dark, and both girls knew that if they didn't get a move on, their mom would call, then they'd get in trouble for not watching the time.

  Before they left, a man walked up to the park, he made a beeline to Callie. Right away he began chattering away to her, despite her discomfort.
  "Sweetheart, I thought you were dead, where have you been, I haven't seen you since you were a baby, Tyla. I've gotten remarried, though I'm sure you'll love your stepmother. She's expecting, so you're going to have a new baby sibling. Isn't that exciting?"
  Callie shot a look at Lakelyn, begging her to help.

  Lake called home.
  "Mom, there's some weird guy who won't leave Callie alone, he thinks she's his kid whose been missing since she was a baby."
  "Tell her to ignore him, and come straight home!"
  Lakelyn ventured over to where her sister was standing. "Callie, mom wants us home right now."
  "Of course, we still have homework after all."
  Lakelyn turned her back, walking away to the road, thinking that Callie was right behind her. A scream alerted her to the fact that she was wrong.

  "You aren't going anywhere, Tyla. You're grounded, you're coming straight home."
  As Calypso tried to walk away, he grabbed her arm, causing her to scream.
  Lakelyn called her mom, while trying to hold back tears. She had no clue how to help.
  The man dragged Callie over to a waiting car, while Lake did as she had been told, and called the police.

  Shiloh stood at the park, holding back tears that threatened to fall. Lakelyn was clinging to her, and she wanted to show her oldest daughter that she was strong. They'd get through this. Somehow.
  After answering all the questions the police had for both Shiloh and Lake, the two were then left alone as the police were getting ready to have a couple search parties go out and look. The park was deserted. Except for two sims who just didn't want to go home without their third family member.

  Eventually though, Lakelyn began shivering, and Shiloh knew it was time to bring her baby home. At home though, neither wanted to do anything. Lakelyn crawled into bed, since she had school the next day, while Shiloh spent her time with her plants, trying to think of what could have happened to Callie.


  Stuck in a locked room, Callie curled up in a ball, holding back her tears. She had to be strong, else she'd never get to see her mom and sister again. Outside the room, she could hear someone walking around, talking to themselves. She had no clue who the man was, just that he believed her to be his daughter.
  Callie didn't know who her dad was, but she never really cared to learn who anyway. She was happy with just her mom and sister. It helped that Lake didn't know her daddy either. Both girls took comfort in each other, and promised to look out for one another.

  With a click, the door opened, and the same man walked in carrying some food.
  "Dinnertime, my dearest daughter, be sure to eat it all!"
  He placed the plate on the table in the room before smiling at Callie and leaving, remembering to lock the door again.
  Callie didn't eat the food, too scared that something may be wrong with it, instead, she scraped the food into the potted plant in the corner, and covered the food with some dirt. It fooled the man.

  Curled back into a ball in the corner, Callie stared around the room, wondering what her mom and sister were doing at the moment. She hoped that they weren't staying up all night worrying. She hoped that someone would find her soon.

Bright light flooded the only window. Calypso cringed, hoping it wasn't a monster. A man with green skin appeared in the window, beckoning her closer. Callie had her decision in a split second. Either stay with the insane man, or jump out the window and trust an alien. Yep, she knew her decision.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

1.5 - Don't You Worry Child

  Shiloh's two little girls are about to become children. Fighting the urge to bawl her eyes out, Shiloh helps both girls blow out their candle. There's going to be a ton of cake as leftovers (which Lakelyn thinks is perfect for breakfast).
After cake, the girls sit down on the couch to watch some television. They also discuss something that they could do together. Lakelyn suggests playing dolls, but Callie doesn't agree. She suggests the local park. So both head there.
There's no one at the park when they get there, so they play alone until Shiloh calls them on their new cell phones to tell them to get their butts home.

Lake begins painting, and discovers that she loves it. She spends most of her time at her easel.

Despite her new friend's protests that she should play tag instead.
Shiloh sends no more emails to Xias. She tries out a dating site to try to get over him. It fails. Each time someone messages her, she can't help but compare them to Xias.

Racing each other.

For some reason every time the buglarer shows up, he steals the toilet.

Filler. :P Mostly cause there were the only pictures I've gotten in the past two days. I haven't had much time to play due to work. (And I slept most of today) I have tomorrow off, as long as I don't get called in, so I think that I may play a bit after I'm done playing Skyrim (Can't wait for Feb. for the DLCs. :D)

Also, the heir will be Lakelyn. :) Thanks to everyone who voted.

Friday, 18 January 2013

1.4 - Lie to Me

  So far, all attempts to teach Callie to talk have failed. Shiloh spent ages just trying to get her to say one tiny word. All for nothing. Lakelyn was already chattering away at her doll, telling it all about her mama's garden. Shiloh was trying to teach her daughters all their necessary skills before she went back to work, but it wasn't working very well with Callie.
  It was times like this when Shiloh was reminded that she didn't know anything about her second daughter's birth. Who her father was, how she was when she was a baby. And apparently something there was contributing to the fact that Callie wouldn't learn anything, she loved snuggles, and tickles, but completely closed off when her mom tried to teach her to walk and talk.

  It was't too long before Shiloh takes to sending emails to Xias' old email account (the one she made him) just to tell someone about how tough things are, even if she knows she'll never get a reply.


  I wish I had your help here. Lakelyn is learning everything so fast, it's almost as though she doesn't need my help in any way at all. I'm worried though, not about her fast learning, the child is probably a genius, like her father, but about the doll she always has. I don't think I've seen her play with anything else. I'm sure she does, Callie like to be very bossy about what they play, but anytime I check, she's got that doll. She's named it Sizhut. The first thing she's ever said. I don't know what it means... Do you? I wish I had answers about what's going on with it. Did you leave it for her? I found it in her crib the night she was born, I figured you left it for her, something for her to remember her daddy by. But now I'm not so sure, and I don't think taking it from her will be useful. She knows how to throw a temper tantrum.
  Callie on the other hand, she won't listen to me when I'm trying to teach her to walk, and to talk. It's like to her it's something she's learned already, but won't say that she already knows. She doesn't shy away from me, just when I try to get her to talk. She loves snuggles, and tickles, and family movie night. What's wrong with my baby girl? I feel like I don't know her at all. Maybe it's because I didn't give birth to her. Where did Callie come from, Xias. Who is her dad. Why won't you tell me anything? I just want answers.


From rants, they go to telling him about what the girls have learned.


  Well, it's finally happened. Lakelyn can climb out of her crib now. When I walked in this morning, she was sitting there with an innocent look on her face. I wish I could have shown you. Maybe I could get a camera, send you the pictures. Maybe one day you'll see these emails, and feel like you were here with us. Raising our family together. I guess my dreams won't ever come true. Just life I suppose.
  I wish that where ever you are, you could send me a reply. Just one, and I think I could move on in my life. I just need an answer.


Days went by, then weeks. Then, one day Shiloh logged onto her email, and found a reply from Xias. Her fingers trembled as she clicked on the message and began to read.

  I am sorry for the pain I have caused you. But I am about to cause more, and my heart breaks with each work that I type. In searching for who abducted you the night you told me about the baby, I have been discovered. To pay for my crimes, my father is having me marry. She is not someone I like, nor will I ever love her, my heart belongs to you only. I promise that one day, I will come and visit you, and meet our daughter. I thank you for the messages you have sent, I have read each of them a hundred times over, wishing I could be there to see this first hand.
  Calypso. The night the abduction happened, the alien in question was working for someone you know. That man is the father, though he goes by a different name there. Calypso was an experiment. One that turned out successful  though they did not expect that. But she like any sim, needs love and attention, just like our daughter. Both girls are special, as I'm sure you know. Protect them with all you have.
  I love you.


Note: The heir vote will be closed when the next chapter is posted.
Also, in case anyone was curious, the chapter title is the name of this song. I was listening to it while writing this. ( I am a huge Bon Jovi fan, so don't be surprised to see more of their songs as chapter titles)
Cute picture I thought I'd share. Lakelyn just got a bored look on her face when Shiloh did the same to her.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

1.3 - Just a Letter

  Shiloh stayed up as long as she could waiting, but eventually fell asleep on the small sofa. It was one of the most uncomfortable places she ever slept, but the thought of snuggling with Xias again kept her from moving from her warm little spot. But Xias never showed up. Her bad feeling came true, and she knows that Xias was not coming back anytime soon.

  Instead, she started doing things to pass away her time. She lounges in her pajamas, and reads books, and she works a little on her garden. She was starting to harvest enough that she wouldn't have to go to the grocery store for fruits and veggies anymore. Which in her mind was a good thing. Home grown food tasted much much better then anything bought from a grocery store. Plus it meant she needn't leave her house. No one even knew she was pregnant. Her co-workers all though she was very sick and didn't want to spread it, and worked from home for that purpose.

  Shiloh got around to having the nursery built. It wasn't too expensive, she'd saved all her money that she earned, since she wasn't one to spend her money on nonsense. Green and white walls matched Shiloh's own bedroom perfectly. Not that Shiloh got much of a choice with building materials. She placed an old rocking chair in the corner of the room, before promptly sitting down and having a nap.


  Hours later, and Shiloh is finally holding her little girl. Lakelyn. Shiloh isn't sure where the name came from, but it was the first one that popped into her mind. After placing her baby in the crib, she notices a strange doll in the crib, but passes it off, thinking that maybe Xias snuck in  and placed it there for their baby.

  Time went by really quickly in their little home, or that's how it felt to Shiloh. Before Shiloh knew it, her baby girl was a toddler. As her first experience, Shiloh placed her in the high chair and placed a bowl of some mashed up icky baby food. Lake wasn't too sure what to think of the food. It tasted kinda yummy, but felt icky on her fingers. But it was fun to throw around, plus mummy looked exasperated when she did.

  After breakfast, Lakelyn settled in her room, content to play with her doll, whom she referred to as Sizhut. Shiloh was content to allow her to quietly play with the doll, she had gardening to do. When she stepped outside to deal with her fully grown plants, she could keep an eye on the toddler through the window.

  It was afternoon when a knock on the door startled Shiloh from reading. A woman walked in, not waiting for Shiloh to answer the door. She put a car seat on the floor and left without a word. A little girl, with the same hair as Shiloh, giggled and smiled at her. A letter was tucked in beside her. Shiloh reached for the letter first.


    This is Calypso, I hope you do not mind that I named her for you. She's your little girl, biologically. The only thing I recognize of you in her, is her hair colour. Everything else comes from her father, Es- I should not write his name here. You will learn who, one day, I promise. She was not suppose to happen, and I know that you do not remember anything about how she came to be. I am guessing she will be the same age as our child. I know you will be a wonderful mother to both children. 
  I will be with you soon. I promise.


  Shiloh dropped the letter and lifted the toddler from the car seat. Calypso held on tightly to Shiloh. Tears gathered in her eyes and she held her other daughter close. She placed Callie down in the nursery, and both toddlers sat together at the dollhouse to play.

Note: Since both girls are toddlers, and the next roll begins early, I'll have the heir vote up sometime soon.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

1.2 - Bad Feelings

  Shiloh isn't sure when her relationship with Xias changed. It could have been in the first few days he moved in... or in the last few weeks. Either way, Shiloh wasn't about to complain about the change. She just didn't like how she couldn't tell anyone about him.
  Since no one knew, or was allowed to know, about him being there, Xias whiled away his time by doing upgrades to the few things he could, and watching television (he was currently in the middle of a very interesting soap opera).

  Promotions at work came quickly for Shiloh. She suspected that her boss, Alexander Cross, was promoting her purposely, trying to get her to feel grateful to him. 
  Ever since the day he'd cornered her at work, flowers and love letters constantly showed up at her house. Every time they did, they were returned, unopened. Shiloh wanted to keep her work separate from her home life. Not to mention, she already had Xias. 

  Saturday morning. Shiloh was suppose to be sleeping - what else do you do on a Saturday? Instead, she was sharing her stomach contents with the toilet. She knew she shouldn't have eaten the leftovers last night. Leftovers are never good for the stomach. 
  When she finally crawled back to bed, the urge to throw up came back full force. She apparently wouldn't be getting any sleep in time anytime soon.
  By the time Xias was up, Shiloh was tired and grumpy. She pushed past Xias to the bedroom, not allowing him to wish her a good morning. 

  It was a few hours before Shiloh came back out, this time a little less grumpy. She sat next to Xias on the couch, and curled up into a comfortable position. Silence stretched out for several minutes before Shiloh broke it. 
  "A few weeks ago," she began. "The first night we spoke. You said your kin would execute you for speaking with me... Why?"
  Xias sighed. He'd been waiting for this. He had planned out what he was going to tell her. When it came time to say his practised speech, it left his head, leaving him stumbling for what he could say to the girl he'd fallen so hard for. "Our Emperor ordered us to study Sims, but not to talk to anyone. For reasons that most are not privy to. Most of us listen to our ruler. I guess I am not as law-abiding as I had thought. Our military is gaining as much intelligence on Sims as they can. So they can take over Sim Nation. Most of my species consider themselves above all others since we are so advanced."
  He'd said more then he meant to. Quickly, he shut up, hoping Shiloh didn't notice.

  "Has anyone else of your people been caught with a Sim?"
  Xias took a moment to think. "No. No one yet. I would be the first."
  Shiloh went silent again for a few minutes. Her next question was asked in a whisper. "What about if someone got a Sim pregnant?"
  "That happens a lot. When we abduct some Sims to run tests. Usually males get pregnant though. Wait. Are you saying your pregnant?"
  A slight nod from Shiloh and XIas had her wrapped in a hug. "A baby. We're gonna have a baby?  This would have never happened if I never spoke to you. Good things can happen from breaking a few laws."
  Shiloh didn't replay, instead choosing to  cling to Xias. This was the part where she should have mentioned the bad feeling she had. 

  That night, while outside looking for a good place to move her rapidly growing apple tree, strange lights appeared over Shiloh's head, before a spaceship picked her up. A few hours later, she was returned with no memory of what happened. 
  Xias though, saw the whole thing. After Shiloh headed to bed, he silently left the house. Someone had some dirt on him, and he was determined to find out who so he could return quickly.

 I know my chapters are fairly short right now. That will change once I get more into the habit of writing, and drawing things out.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

1.1 - Homesick

  In the two days that Shiloh had left before she began her 'job' as a test subject, she spent her time at the In Memory of Sunset Valley park. It reminded her of nothing that she could recall of her birth home, but the name comforted her.

  When she wasn't there, she was curled up in a warm blanket at home, going over all the tests that she was required to go through. There were several to learn how her body was adapting to the difference of location, and the cold that never went away. Another few were for keeping track of how homesick she was, and to be sure she wasn't depressed.
  The last test the page listed, one Shiloh disliked, was one for her being pregnant, so they could study how a pregnant woman would react to moving to Lunar Lakes, and how the baby would fare.
  Once all the tests were done, Shiloh would have a permanent  job.

  Monday. Shiloh's first day at work. A lab tech handed her a medical gown before having her take a hot shower that nearly burned her skin.
  Then, they began the tests.
  Several hours later, Shiloh collapsed on her bed, curling into a ball and crying, completely regretting her decision to move there.
  Amidst the sounds of her sobs, Shiloh heard something that made her be quiet. Not knowing what it was, she pulled a coat on and stepped outside, coming face to face with an alien.

  "Greetings, I am Xias Ne'Xafughos," he said.
  It took a couple moments for Shiloh to remember her manners. "I'm Shiloh Carter, pleased to meet you."
  Xias smiled. "What a beautiful name," he took Shiloh's hand, and gently kissed the back of it. "I must go. If my kin discover I have spoken to you, I will be executed. Goodbye Shiloh Carter."
  Shiloh stumbled back to her bed after watching the alien climb back into his space ship and zoom away. She wasn't surprised that she met an alien, living in Lunar Lakes implied that she'd meet a real one some day.

  Despite what he'd said the first night, Xias snuck back almost every night to see Shiloh, he called her his drug, once he just couldn't give up.
  One day at work, Lily January stopped her in the lunch room. "Have you heard?" she asked, excitedly.
  Shiloh gave her a blank look. "Heard what?"
  "Aliens were spotted last night!"
  Shiloh froze, her heart sped up, sounding incredibly loud in the quiet room. She was scared someone learned of Xias visiting her.
  "They were spotted behind the moutain," a distance from Shiloh's house. "Anyway, I gotta go, I don't think that Len or Gretel have heard yet. Also, hun, come see me in my office later, alright?" With that, Lily hurried away.

  Shiloh left Lily's office feeling very happy. Someone decided that Shiloh could skip their last test, they found someone else to do it. Instead, Shiloh got a promotion, to lab tech. Sure, now she was the one helping with the testing, but she no longer had to allow them to stick wires to her body, or inject her with weird things.

  When she arrived home that afternoon, she found Xias standing outside.
  "So, do you mind if I crash here for a few days?"